Fun Rugs For Kids

Cars, Construction, and Tea Parties

Akin2’s visual rug selection tool is a quick way to scan rugs for the children in your life. Think about their ages, analyze their interests, and click accordingly on a rug image that will appeals to them (and you!).

Maybe you have little drivers who would happily push their toy cars on a road scene. Click on one such rug and note how others with similar features appear. Now decide whether you’d prefer a rug with extra wide roads, or one that goes through the country. Or would they enjoy one with many houses so they could do lots of visiting?

Is there a little princess in your life who’d be happy to chat with the horse on the farm rug, have a tea party on the fairy rug or be enchanted with a mermaid or butterfly rug? Perhaps you have a space kid who’d be thrilled to wake up to planets, a rocket ship and twinkling stars!

Fun rugs can help with speech and literacy. Is there someone in your household who is obsessed with construction machines? Having the grader, excavator and all the machines already labelled can be a source of fascination. Maybe your youngest is just beginning to make monkey sounds and seeing Curious George on her rug would encourage her babble. Are you homeschooling and would like a little help with learning the alphabet? Click on one rug with letters and other alphabet rug images will pop up. Perhaps you would prefer the rug with the mixed up numbers and letters so they really have to think it through?

A fun rug for your child can be a source of creativity for you as well. Are they complaining when it is time to come in for lunch? Maybe entice them with that red car shaped rug in the hallway so they can pretend to drive to the kitchen!

We hope you enjoy visiting these rug images and that you will find a rug that will be fun for your little one!

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